Moonsea Campaign History

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Campaign History

The Time of Troubles passed with deaths even amongst the gods. A long forgotten party of heroes, some say was named “The Scouts”, saved the known realm by assisting in the return of the tablets to Lord Ao.

Fresh from their success in ending the Time of Troubles, these heroes faced off against the unthinkable…Zhential Keep and its allies launched an invasion against the Moonsea region, the Daleland, Cormyr, and Sembia. Tis be mere speculation on the authors part, but it seemed that the loss of his god, Bane, prompted Fzoul Chembryl to organize the Zhential invasion. The Moonsea region and the Daleland fell to the overwhelming Zhential armies, though a price in blood was paid. Cormyr bottlenecked the Zhential push at Thunderpeaks pass, north of Tilverton, and defeated the Zhential army. This defeat, coupled with the Sembia navel victory on the River Lis gave the forces of good enough time to cut off this beasts head. The Scouts traveled to Zhential Keep and destroyed the mighty Zhential leadership. Having suffered losses, The Scouts disbanded and helped restore the region to peace by dividing up the war ravaged land into kingdoms for them to rule during their post-adventuring days. Friends they left, but enemies they will become…

The Daleland and the Moonsea area only had a brief flirting of peace before the new kingdoms waged war. Once friends became enemies and plots of assassination began. While war raged on, the realm was changing…

The dragons came back. Waves upon waves of dragons pounded the Moonsea and Daleland region. Cities were leveled, rivers changed their flow, and civilization ended here. The second flight of the dragons ended with the death of Elminster. His great sacrificed ended many a dragon life and the dragon attacks stopped. The region was paved with opportunity and humans, being what they are, began the resettlement. There was to be competition for land though…

The races of Elves and Dwarves became fertile again. The Elven retreat stopped and Elven colonization began. New Dwarven fortresses were being founded. Some of the lesser races of Halflings and Gnomes founded villages as well. In a region that was once dominated by humans, they are now only a slim majority.

Some 200 years have passed since the Time of Troubles. Our story now focuses on Fort Tesh, located on the southern bank of the river Tesh, a couple miles west and on the opposite bank of the rubble that was once the city of Teshwave.

Moonsea Campaign History

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