Session 4 (new ruleset)

Being in my cell for only a few hours the lowly villagers of fort tesh saw the error of their ways and with the consul of my trusted adviser Iskar set me free. We immediate set out to right the wrong done against me and seek vengeance on all those that would rule this place in in my sted. So I had my new trusted general since the others were truly lame and killed them selves by jumping off a cliff) slice the head off the stupid beooch who dared to imprison me and kick it across the court yard. The people loving, fearing, and realizing my greatness immediately made me supreme ruler!

Now the first order of busy is to get all those lazy peasants out of bed to begin work on my new Tower of Terror. As any lord of any worth has to have a tower from which to rule.

In addition I have found a rare bleeding gem of ultimate power. I seek to unlock all its secrets. It is precious to me……

—Edward, Supreme Leader of Fort Tesh and aspiring Evil Overlord of the World.



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