Session 3

Eward Runedrom (Dave M) – young mage with delusion of grandeur
Isker Epiclai (Mike C) – Fast attacking charter with great stealth ability
Sen Darkstar (Rebuen) – charismatic battle priest with exceptional armor and shield
Azrel Dracnor (Dave P) – Spear Wielding Fighter with knowledge of herbal remedies.

With the party having killed the Hobgolins and Bearbugs on the shore they decided to head inland toward ’The Hill’ looking for caves that may hold healing mushrooms they required to save their leader and others at Fort Tesh. As they entered a clearing however, they heard a buzzing sound and were then attack by a number of very large bees. Unfortunately Iskar was off taking a leak and missed the battle. Sen went about inspiring Azrel but unfortunately Azrel was less then inspired that battle having to take many of his rerolls. Though to kick things off, the first bee that emerged hit Sen with 14 successes. This inflicted a large amount of damage as well as poison on Sen causing an injuring. ”Oh, that’s going ‘sting’” and “Sen you better ‘Bee careful’” were all shouted. While Sen shoved his shield in the hole to keep anymore of the vermin from coming out Azrel and Edward blasted away at the remaining bees. Unfortunately the tricky buggers had a back door and started coming out a second hole and eventually overpowered Sen and knocked his shield away and burst from the original hole. They kept coming out one after another 4-5-6-7-8. Eight in total along with the super large queen bee. Edward took some minor poison from the queen and Sen got stung another time but eventually the party managed to kill the lot of them off with lighting, blades and spears. Sen resorted to healing himself mid combat due to all the minor damage and poison he took while trying to keep his shield in place of the bee hole. The bees did not do a lot of damage but where quick and hard to hit.

With the bees dead, there was talk about taking the poison. But Azrel pointed out that the poison was so weak it could not even hinder a little boy and it was not worth the time. Edward had to agree with that.

Since Sen was hurt real bad with an inquiry he started his 1 hour healing ritual and eventually healed all his wounds as well as his injuring while taking spell burn up to 4. (Equaling that of Edward.) While Sen did that Azrel and Edward decided to crawl into the hive, one through each hole. After some time they came to a huge bee hive complex loaded with honey. Sampling the honey they found it not only tasted great but had healing properties about it . Edward consumed a fair bit until he was fully healed. Then both he and Azrel pulled out some jars and flasks and stored the honey as healing potions for later use. Nothing else was found in the bee hive. They left bringing back a honeycomb chunk to Sen for some additional healing. After the party was all healed up, Iskar had returned, and they headed out.

They headed down the western path and saw hoof prints and immediately concluded that it could only have been made by Satyrs marching in pairs. They continued on and found a clearing with large boulders and a cliff rising up. On top of the rise was a strange humanoid statue with two empty eye sockets with dried blood where two items ,possibly gems, had been removed. Also there was a dark cave entrance here into the side of the cliff. The party searched the area but found absolutely no tracks or signs of anyone or anything coming or going to cave, which was either really good, or really bad.

The party entered the cave and found it to be very musty and wet. There was a small stagnant pool in one cavern. The party kept an eye on it but nothing jumped out, so they continued to search down the rest of the passages. They eventually came to a small cavern and it was filled with 6 large bats. (It appeared all the natural creatures were large on this side of the river). Edward tried to tell Sen to be quite when he noticed them but it was too late and the bats woke up. While Iskar got diseased 3 times in row, the bats were quickly defeated. Strangely they appeared to be rushing Edward who had the light source, or it could have been because Edward was in the back and they were trying to escape. After all six were dead the area was searched and only turned up a large quantity of guano.
Though searching the cave for mushrooms turned up 3 different types one of which Edward determined was editable. Though Azrel keen eye determined that these were not the mushrooms the party were looking for. Though Edward still decided to hold onto all of the mushrooms anyway as they may be of some value. With the cave cleared there was some discussion of resting here for the night. while Edward wanted to crash, he was out voted as the rest of the party wanted to use as much of the remaining daylight as possible to continue their search for mushrooms and were concerned about getting the healing back to the fort asap.

So the party headed out of the cave, headed down a few paths and eventually loop around and ended up on top to the rise next to statue above the cave. Edward looking over the statue more closely determined that this was not of any religion or cult that he is aware of. After more searching nothing of interest was found on statue other than the fact that the blood dripping down from the empty eye sockets was very very old.

With night falling the party decided to head back to the cave and rest. While they could have just used some ropes and climb down to the cave they decided to head back down around using the paths. While it would take a little longer it was not prone to accident. However on the way back the Wondering Monster Die struck ‘1’ and the party being 5 minutes into the evening was now placed on the more dangerous Nightly Wondering Monster chart. Before they know it almost a dozen skeletons rushed from the brush. Despite getting of two arc lighting spells and a few hits from the party the skeletons continued on seemingly unphased. The undead were wearing an assortment of leather, chainmail and stripes of platemail. They wielded rusty hand axes and shield. Shrugging off most of the damage, they charged the party and literally hacked Iskar to pieces. Within 1 round they caused 2 massive injuries and brought him down to 1 hit point.

Due to time the adventure was paused there, thereby allowing the players the option to roll up secondary characters for next session…



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