Life and Tales of an Evil Overlord : chapter 1

Life and Tales of an Evil Overlord : chapter 1

I Grimslot Lavcric am the chief chronicler and teller of my Lord Edward Runedrom’s great tale of rise to power and evolution into the omnipotent Lich Overlord that he is today.

His story starts way back in Ministal, where he grew up in an orphanage, due to the fact that both his parents of high nobility died when he was very young. The only remnants he had from them is a strange medallion with a raven in flight signifying to Edward both his nobility and his god given right as one of a superior class to rule the world as Supreme Evil Overlord.

Ministal was like any other drab Bane worshiping police state port city. It sits on the west side of the Moonsea where its few ships were constantly harassed by Mulmster pirates. While many of its inhabitants worshiped Bane, Edward had no use for praying to the corpse of a once great deity. Instead he was determined to make his greatness himself. The current ruling monarch was one Consul Winston. He ruled things with a pretty heavy hand and did a good job keeping all the locals in line. My Lord Edward agreed with the Consul heavily pro human stance. Not having the low lives of the world interbreeding with the superior race was a sound idea. The hired hand should not be mingling with their masters other than to serve them unconditionally. However don’t get Edward wrong, he is very much an equal opportunity Evil Overlord and there are places for the lowly Dwarves and their like of the world in his great organization; specifically leading the charge in the fore front of his Legions of Terror.

And alas, it was on that faithful day, his 15th birthday, having saved enough money to purchase some armor and a pouch full of oxnl crystals that my lord decided it was finally time to blow out of the orphanage and to set his plans for world domination into motion. With his bible in hand, a tome containing insight and guidance into become the ultimate Evil overlord, and the large vanity mirror he had liberated from the Sister Superior’s bed chamber, Edward headed off to make history and fulfill his destiny.

Having heard rumors about town that Captain Orth, the head of military arm in Ministal and right hand man of Consul Winston, was looking for able bodies, Edward sought out the captain and inquired about payment. Legions of Terror and Towers of Doom would cost a lot of gold bullion he reasoned. At first the foolish Captain was reluctant to allow my lord to join the group but after relentless badgering and reasoning the Captain finally came around to see the light and graciously allowed my lord on the mission. Strangely, rumors of that day claimed that the captain only let my Lord join in hopes that bandits would kill him along the way, but we all know better than to listen to such blasphemes wives tales. The captain unmistakably saw my lords great talents, worth and potential even at that stage in his young life.

As it turned out, the task was fairly trivial. My lord and a band of a few others were to simply escort one Mak-Del, some sort of important Ministal diplomat, out to Fort Tesh a small outpost up the Tesh River. Here Mak-Del would meet with the Fort Tesh delegates; Mayor Samantha and Captain Richard, and discuss overland trade route deals. My lord was to aid the Ministal diplomat in any way possible and on completion of successful negotiations, return Mak-Del safely back to Ministal. Though as a fall back my lord was also instructed to gather detailed reports on defenses of the Fort and the surrounding area in case the negotiations failed or if Consul Winston decided to just skip the formalities and crush the Fort underfoot by force.

The party formed outside the Consuls office consisted of Mak-Del, the leader and principal delegate. He was the typical well dressed fancy talking diplomats who would go on and on about nothing. Next was Isker Epiclai, a duel welding questionable shady type. My Lord figured he might serve him well as his trusted chief of intelligence officer. Next was Azrel Dracnor, a spear welding fighter type. He seemed competent enough and might serve well as my lord’s captain of the guard. Lastly was Sen Darkstar, a charismatic battle priest with exceptional armor and shield. My lord figured he might serve as trusted second Lieutenant as it is good to surround yourself with other good looking people when you’re an Evil Overlord, as appearances are everything.

After pleasantries were exchanged, Captain Richard supplied the party with some nice riding horses for the trip as his important diplomat and escorts needed to be seen travailing in some sort of style. My lord had to agree on that point though had not had a lot of opportunity to ride horses while in the orphanage. Though he figured he might as well start now as Evil Overlords needed to be able to ride into town triumphantly after crushing their victims. He started loading up his gear though to his horror discovered that his large full length mirror would not transport well on horseback. So reluctantly he was force to leave it behind in the Captains care. With that he mounted his new horse and giving it a slight nudge headed down the road toward Fort Tesh leaving Minitstal behind. In was good to finally be leaving that hole where he had grown up. His rise to greatness and power had officially begun.

The actual route was fairly simple. The party was to leave Ministal and just head down the ‘The Road’ until they hit the Fort. “The Road” as it was called, was one of Consul Winston’s pet projects. Having the sea base routes currently blocked by pirates from Mulmster the Consul was looking to pursue overland trade routes through Fort Tesh and the road connecting the Fort with the town was critical. Occasionally barbaric wood elves would attack the construction site, or there would be the occasional rioting by the uncompensated workers but the road was moving along according to plan. The Consul saw to it.

With the horses, Mak-Del figured the group would likely reach Fort Tesh within the week with any luck. While there were reports of bandits attacking travelers along the road, looking over his new companions, my lord felt fairly secure. Beside he had some nasty tricks up his sleeves should the bandits actually be stupid enough to try him. He had briefly considered digging up a old man Herbert who had just recently passed away from the local graveyard to aid him on his journey. The old sod could have carried my lord’s mirror if nothing else. But alas my lord had only a small bag of crystals and was concerned that if things went bad at the Fort, he just might need them then. In additions the more ‘civilized world’ tended to be fairly necrophobic and frowned down upon such things. They strangely didn’t like things getting back up after they were dead. Something my lord actually prided himself on. As corpses unlike other lowlife hired help, didn’t eat or drink, never needed sleep or rest and best of all were totally obedient. Though he had to finally concede the idea as diplomats seen traveling with decaying corpses may give the wrong impression. So old man Herbert would have to stay put under his dirt mound. At least for now.

The road the party was following eventually ended in a flurry of activity in a heavily worked construction site. Numerous workers were laboring at removing brush, digging the earth and hefting and setting new cobble stones into place. All sort of low life creatures could be seen here tolling away. Elves, Dwarves, Halfling and even men in chain’s were shoveling dirt and hoisting rocks. The road stretched almost half to Fort Tesh at this point and the party was making good time. My lord tugged at his new armor. It was a bit tight and still rigid even after a few days of traveling. He was hoping it would break in soon as the chaffing was starting to get unbearable. A Halfling working wheel barrel of dirt, looked up as my lord rode by. He gave my lord a glance, briefly wiped his brow, and then went back work. It was good to see the mindless of the world put to work in manual labor. My lord smirked as he envisioned throngs of such workers laboring away as his Tower of Terror. The road ended here and the party continued onward down the path which was nothing more than a few ruts in the ground. In time this too would be a nicely pave road.

The journey for the most part proved to be fairly uneventful. Though a few days out of Fort Tesh Sen thought he had spotted something, but it actually turned out to be nothing but a fuzzy white rabbit. However my lord did manage to put this time to good use by religiously pouring over his tome of wisdom. Strange how reading books tend to lead to a higher than normal Intelligence and has benefits in all areas of life. Go figure.

After what felt like an eternity the party finally came into view of Fort Tesh. It was a small town encased by high wooden planked walls. Farmlands stretched as far as the eye could see with the river Tesh flowing down the one side supporting docks with numerous river boats. As the party approached the gates were opened and they were greeted by a small welcoming party. Mak-Del introduced himself and the party was escorted through the town to their new lodging. My lord took count of the forces and figured about 50 men and 4-8 towers give or take a few dozen. The populations to my lords surprise was mostly human with the occasional dirty dwarf thrown in. They undoubtedly had to be some sort of manual worker or servant he thought.

After winding through the town the party eventually arrived at a private residence where they would be staying for the next few days until the negotiations were finalized. They were then told that Mayor Samantha was expecting them for a dinner, basically an informal social engagement before the real meeting tomorrow morning. Though to the party’s dismay they discovered that not only would the representatives of For Tesh be there but a delegation from Tivlerton, the major city located on the other side of Fort Tesh would also be attending. With that my lord and the others took that time to wash up particularly after the long ride on road for such a long time. He took out his best clothes, those supplied by the captain, and went about making himself look presentable. An Evil Overlord always needs to looks his best particularly during first impressions.

The party arrived at the banquet hall and was introduced to their hosts. Captain Richard was a large burly man with a deep baritone voice, while Mayor Samantha was a middle aged woman with large tits. While she was fairly attractive, she was way too head strong to make a good sex slave for my lord tastes. Not that strong willed women were turn offs, my lord did actually relish in the torturing and breaking of their wills. But I digress. From Tiverton the party was then introduced to Athos their leader and prime diplomat. He was an older man who wore the tunic of a priest of Torm. Next to him was Tom Cullen. He was believed to be some sort of Paladin of Torm and a retard. And if that was not bad enough two dirty dwarves stormed rudely into the hall behind the others. The first was called Marrack Ironhand and behind him, his presume twin brother Gareth Ironhand. At least my lord assumed they were brothers, though who knows dwarfs as all look the same. Ugly.

Unfortunately while Mak-Del got to sit close to the action the rest of my lord’s party were seated at the far end of the table with the simpleton and two dwarfs. Sed actually tried to carry on a conversation with the retarded one, but the simpleton kept going on about Lunar displays and the spelling of his silly deity’s name. After a few moments Sed realized his efforts was sure folly and went back private conversations amongst the other party members. My lord spent most of the night staring in disbelief to the rude and uncouth manners of the dwarves who went about throwing food, scratching their privates, guzzling beer and making obscene body noises. If these morons are the best Tilverton could muster than Ministal would have no problem rolling right over these people my lord pondered.

As the dinner started to wind down my lord noticed that Mayor Samantha appeared to be more impressed with Athos then what Mak-Del had to say. Mak-Del really needed to step up his game or else my lord would have to step in and salvage this whole operation.

Nothing more was actually gleamed from the rest of the nights activities other than Isker picking up some talk of hobgoblins attacks against the fort. Mak-Del sensing that he was in the process of possibly losing this whole deal, gave the signal to the party to head out and start gathering information on the town. It seemed as if plan B had been put into effect. With a final sigh of relief my lord got up and quickly excused himself. Not wanted to spend another minute in the company of those bearded barbarians. Isker, ignoring any sort of etiquette protocol just got up and quickly bolted for the door, while Sen made an effort to catch Samanthas attention and thanked her personally.

With that Sen, Azrel , and my lord headed out into the higher end of town to scope out of the nicer bars while Isker headed out to find the most shady place in town. Strangely though not many people felt comfortable speaking to my lord and remained silent. They likely sensed my lords greatness and were afraid to converse with his highness. After some time, the party eventually reassembled and compared notes.

They discover that there were rumors of an Orc army encamped across the river, ready to assault the fort at any time. They also found out that the small mountain across the river was referred to by the locals as simply ‘The Hill’ and supposedly that the bar tenders papi reported seeing a haunted graveyard located on the top of it. In addition bubbling lakes of lave are believed to lie below the hill and are the source of all the steam columns often seen rising into the air. While yet others claim that steam is the result of an old sleeping dragon. Fortunately, my lord did not put too much stock into any of these rumors other than to suggest that there was likely a band of orcs across the river causing trouble and that the steam was likely natural steam geysers of some sort.

Sen wanting more information wondered off to the nearest lookout tower and started to engaged one of the towns guards in conversation. He discovered that Hobgoblins have been attacking the fort over the past few months and were believed to be staging their raids from ‘The Hill’ across the river. While the guards did manage to kill a few, numerous inhabitants and items were reported missing. The guards believed that they were some sort of raiding party and then of all blundered the guard stupidly revealed to Sen that the password was “Moonsea”. This stupidity ultimately came in handy in the overrun of Fort Tesh by the Ministal forces, but I digress. While walking along battlements Sed noticed an array of strange lights out on the river out in the darkness. After mentioning it to nearby guard, the guard rationalized that there should not have been any boats on the river at that time, and immediately sounded the alarm. My lord with the rest of the party emerged from the bar and overheard guards shouting that fifty lights were seen emerging from the river and that another Hobgoblin raid was underway. There was a flurry of activities with guards and towns folk rushing in all direction. One guard paused briefly and pleaded for the party’s help, saying that they were a woeful band of militants who needed some real men and muscle to turn back this assured defeat.

With that the party rushed back to their lodging to grab their weapons and armor and to prove their worth to the locals. Not wanting to go to his first battle in just his dinner attire my lord quickly dons his light armor. He was excited to finally kill something without having to worry about Sister Superior whacking his knuckles. Strangely no one seemed to care if you were to shoot a furry vermin with a bow and arrow, but if you were to fry them to a crisp until their insides exploded then suddenly you have to go without super. Strange world my lord thought.

Having don his armor my lord peered toward the battlements and saw a number of Hobgoblins and Bearbugs starting to climb over the wooden walls presuming using ladders and grappling hooks. The alarm bell rang relentlessly as the battle raged all around the fort. Azrel, reacting quickly, grabbed his spear and was the first to charge up to the battlements and into the fray. Arrows were flying over the walls as he pierced one hobgoblin in the side and drew blood. My lord rushed out of the lodge behind him and on seeing the towering hulk of the nearby Bearbug effortlessly hurl one of the guards from the battlements with a single swipe of his massive paw, my lord froze. The monstrous beast was huge! Nothing like the little vermin he had been dealing with previously. The cries of the dying guardsmen echoed in his ears as one after another fell before the massive creature. He could not move. But on remembering who he was and not wanting some lowly cave beast to stand in the way of his destiny he gathered his strength and courage. Drawing deep into his reservoir of energy he pulled an electrical charge from the air and earth and hurled it toward the behemoth creature. There must have been something in the air that day, or some mystic powers surrounding that area at work from the hill, or some supernatural deity watching over my lord that day, as the air surged and sparked like he had never seen before. With a bright flash and defining crackly of energy the whole battlefield light up. Continuous arc of sparks flew from my lords hands electrifying the huge beast and all those creatures unfortunately to be standing close to him. My lord was barely able to control the surge of pure energy as it leap about the battlefield field frying first one, and then another and then another of the hairy creatures. The stream continued, almost uncontrollably as if it had a mind of its own. It temporarily blinded my lord who could only hear the sizzling of flesh and fur and painful screams of the enemy as they flopped about the ground. At last with a slight jerk the electrical arc ended. My lord stepped back and regained his composure rubbing his fingertips which were now slightly numb and blackened. Surveying the battlefield almost a dozen of the beast now lay in a smoldering heap on the ground their bodies still twitching with the occasion burst of residual static energy. My lord’s fate was assured and a twisted smirk formed on his face as he raised his fist and shouted into the air, “Oh, you were OWNED!!” With that Sen charged past and up into the battlements as well shouting “For Minstral lets rock these beasts!!” and strangely energized my lord even more it that were possible. Lastly Isker rushed passed and then strangely just vanished into shadows wile in plain sight likely posing to strike an unsuspecting victim.

The enemy temporally froze in shock and disbelief. Then suddenly horns could be heard all around the fort as the beasts bolted back to the river in a disarray of shear panic. My lord climbed to the top of one of the towers and continued to unleash his new found electrical weapon down upon the fleeing creatures. He took great pleasure in seeing the bodies explode as he sent bolt after bolt into their dwindling numbers and they scurried back down to the river bank and out of sight. Azrel kicked one of the dead hobgoblins, upset that the cowards had run off too early cheating him out of the chance to see true combat. Though my lord felt that this was not the last that they would see of these beasts and that Azrel’s time would come.

Checking the bodies only turned up the typical mundane weapons and armor. Guards and town folk came up and cheered on my lord’s party, saying that they would have surely died without their aid and the deadbeats from Tilverton had done nothing but gotten in the way. It was all in a day’s work for an aspiring Evil Overlord my lord thought.

Though before the party had a chance to celebrate, a guard came rushing up and informed them that they needed to head over to the infirmary. It appeared that Mak-Del their leader had been hit in the leg with an arrow and needed some immediate medical attention.

On arriving at the infirmary and checking Mak-del’s wound the party discovered that the wound had started to turn a dark bluish color. In addition a number of other wounded guardsmen were starting to show similar discoloration on their wounds as well. Taking a closer look at it my lord was able to discern that no magical properties could be seen at work and that it likely had to be poison of some sort. My lord stepped away and Azrel took a close look. After prodding at it for few seconds, Azrel looked up and demanded that that we needed to talk to the Mayor. My lord, not being a simpleton, immediately concluded that Azrel must know a thing or two about poisons. A good thing to know and always a bonus when having to deal with pesky hero types.

The Mayor eventual arrived and Azrel instructed her that the wounds had been infected by some form of flesh rot and within three days all the flesh on the victim’s body will rot away and fall off the bones. He then went on to inform her that there were rumors of an herbal remedy that might work to fight the rot but unfortunately he was not versed in such things. The Mayor than called for her chief healers and apothecaries who started checking into the matter. Some time later they return and informed the party that they could indeed make the cure but currently lacked one ingredient, a special mushroom that only grew in caves on the other side of the river. Having some knowledge in healing and not wanting to lose their charge on their first mission, Sed cast some sort of ritual healing magic on Mek-Del. While he was not able to actually cure the rot he was however able to slow the poison a bit and buy the party’s leader another few days.

Seeing that the party was destined to head across the river and deep into some unknown caves likely inhabited by Hobgoblin in search of said healing mushrooms My lord headed out to the battle field outside the forts walls. There he found what he was looking for, a fallen hobgoblin body. Looking about and seeing that the locals and guards were busy clearing up after the battle and were not paying any attention to him, he carefully wrapped the hobgoblin corpse in a burlap sack and dragged it to the edge of town. It was a little tough going, not being the strongest aspiring overlord, but he was however able to eventually haul the bleeding corpse to a nice niche behind some large boulder where he covered it with some branches. He would be backlater tonight to deal with this matter when things settle down. With his potential minion secured, my lord headed back to the fort in search of a full length mirror. It seemed that those pesky morons from Tilverton had already set out across the river and he was not about to let some retarded paladin from Torm get the drop on him. My lord was, after all. ‘The Chosen One’….



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