Life and Tales of an Evil Overlord Chap 2: The River Tesh

I Grimslot Lavcric am the chief chronicler and teller of my Lord Edward Runedrom’s great rise to power and evolution into the omnipotent Lich Evil Overlord that he is today.

Life and Tales of an Evil Overlord

Chapter 2 : Over the River Tesh

Seeing that the party was destined to head across the river and deep into some unknown caves likely inhabited by Hobgoblins in search of healing mushrooms, my lord Edward Runedrom headed out to the recent battle field and obtained one of the numerous corpses. He hide the body in a niche behind some rocks out away from the fort and with his potential minion secured, my lord headed back to the fort in search of a full length mirror. It seemed that the pesky morons from Tilverton had already set out across the river and he was not about to let some retarded paladin from Torm beat him to his prize. But first he had another minor task that needed to be done.

Sensing that Azrel knew a thing or two about poison and could likely put such poisoned weapons to good use, my lord decided to try to obtain a few used by the attackers for the journey across the river. If nothing else, Azrel could potentially use the poison from those weapons for his own weapon my lord deducted.

After a short search my lord was eventually directed to Captin Ricahrd’s office next to the barracks where all the ‘contaminated’ weapons had been confiscated by order of the Captain. With a knock on the door, the captain looked up from behind his desk, and with a wide smile, signaled my lord to enter. A large assortment of arrows, all contaminated with some deadly rot poison, laid on the table. An old apothecary hunched over a boiling caldron and scraped flakes from one of the arrows tips into strange bubbling brew, all the while chanting in a strange tongue. The old man then drew the liquid up with a ladle and dumped it into numerous beakers of colored liquid, all the while exclaiming ‘no…no….no’ and scratching his head. The captain stood from his chair excitingly, all the while continually praising my lord and the party for their heroic effort and the ability to snatched glorious victory for the Fort from an almost certain defeat. Looking over the failed attempts of his bumbling apothecary, the captain asked excitingly if my lord had already secured the much needed magic mushrooms. My lord, while indeed amazing, assured the caption that even he needed more than an few hours to obtain the required materials. Though my lord went on to press the matter about actually acquiring a few of the contaminated weapons for the parties own studies. But unfortunately the Captain was quit insistent that all the weapons had to remain in his office, under lock and key. It appeared that his lame apothecary needed every bit of sample from the weapons that could be spared and after watching old man at work my lord summarized he likely needed even more than that. The captain however went on to remark that the party was free to come down any time and to examine the arrows here if they wanted to. Fool!! My lord thought. They had already examined the weapons and were in fact the ones to point out that the weapons were tainted with poisonous rot to begin with. Sensing he was dealing with a complete moron and not wanting to press the issue less he strained the good relations with the fort they had achieved so far, my lord decided to just let the issue go. My lord had other more important matters he needed to attend to then to waste his valuable time trying to convince a moron that releasing a few arrows into the party’s possession would be in the fort best interest. With that my lord politely thanked the idiot for his time and excused himself.

Having failed to obtain any of the contaminated weapons my lord then headed back to the parties lodging. There in the main bed chamber was the full length mirror they had used previously in getting ready for the Mayors dinner. It was large, embedded in a hard oaken frame and reflected a clean and crystal clear image. It would do nicely he thought. But it would have to wait. It was late and there was nothing more that could be done today. With that my Lord headed off to bed. He needed his sleep, for tomorrow the party would be heading over the river and into unknown danger. Though all in all, this day had been a very good day, even despite the dealing with the moronic Captain. The party from Ministal were being honored for their heroic effort in the forts survival and the name ‘Edward Runedrom’ was now known and being spoken of not only in Fort Tesh but across the River by his Hobgoblin enemies as well. With a twisted smile of great satisfaction, my Lord headed off to sleep.

The next day, even before the light of dawn had broken my Lord had arisen and started preparing the large mirror for his upcoming incantation. He fetched a clean bowl of water and started etching strange runes all around the mirrors edges in green and white chalk. He then embedded each of these runes in turn with strange mystic energies. After a long ordeal, having empowered the last rune he stepped back and caught his breath. He took the bowl of clean water and while shouting the name ‘Athos of Tilverton!!’ he threw the water against the mirror which illuminated brightly from the now radiate runes. As the water washed down the silvery surface an image started to appear. But as soon as it started the runes began to waver and pulse erratically and the image began to dim and fade away. Edward was still a little new at this incantation but was not about to fail. After all he was the chosen Evil Overlord. Reaching down deep into his soul he threw more of his essence and energy against the mirror. The runes lit back up and started to crackling with renewed energy. At first there was some interference as Athos deity was likely trying in vain to shield his useless pawn. But alas it was no use. The image cleared and my lord could see the old sod as clear as day. As my Lord peered into the mirror he saw Athos, panic and blooded, running at a full speed down a small dirt path. Looking beyond him my lord could make a battered dwarf carrying a bloody axe and behind him was the simpleton paladin, wide eyed and white as a ghost. It appeared Athos’s group were fleeing down a narrow path through bushes and some sort of forestry area. It was hard for my lord to pinpoint exactly where they might be, put it was evident they were in trouble wherever they were. Athos collapsed to a knee, trying to catch his breath. A stream of blood trickled down his right brow. Looking behind him, he quickly scurried back to his footing and was once again on the move. At that point the image started to waver and then suddenly winked out as the runes flashed one last time and went dark. My lord chuckled to himself. It was good to see the sons of Tilverton in such a predicament. With any luck their pursuers would catch them and devour their flesh. With the spell ended, my lord cleaned off the mirror to remove any indication of his tampering and excitedly went over to report the good news to his comrades who were just rising out of bed. When they heard the news they were ecstatic with excitement and overly anxious to get started themselves. Edward indicated he needed to take care of one last thing before venturing onward, and the group agreed to go about securing a way across the river in his absence.

The morning was brisk but not cold enough to actually see your breath. The sun was just peaking over the wooden walls of the fort as my lord headed out to the niche where he had stowed his corpse the night before. As he crossed the previous day’s battlefield, blood and the occasion piece of leather or broken weapon could be seen glistening in the new mornings rays. My lord eventually reached the niche and uncovered his treasure. The morning dew had settled over the burlap sack making it a bit wet to the touch. With great anticipation he ripped open the sack as if opening some sort of Christmas present and started forming the magical incantations on the bloody corpse. After inscribing numerous glyphs in black ink all over the body, he then covered it with a thin layer of expense Onyx crystal powder. With the body prepped he started making large gesturing motion with his arms in the air to pull the electrical particles from the surrounding. Strange green magical waves of energy radiated from the body as blue electric bolts, pulled from the ground and air, electrified the corpse making it twitch and jump as sparks flew about. At long last there was one last thunderous clap and crackling of energy and the lifeless bloody body began to animate and rise. Then, with a sudden violent jolt, the body began to twitch uncontrollably and black flames erupted from the powered crystal covering it. In an instant the whole corpse was consumed in black flames and with a loud pop, the energy fizzled back into the surroundings and the charred cadaver fell back to the ground a molten heap of black goo. Edward cursed and shook his fist in the air. He had known better than to have spent all that gold on those questionable crystals from that shady merchant. Suddenly, my lord felt dizzy, his vision blurred and everything went black….

A few moments later, my lord opened his eyes and realized his was lying on the ground. He started to stand back up, but paused, feeling both drained and a little disorientated. He took a breath and slowly regained his footling. He felt a little dizzy. It appeared that the incantation had really taken a toll on him. He was use to dealing with much smaller vermin but this was the first time he had tried it on a humanoid. Regaining his footing, he gave the gooey corpse one last good kick and then headed back to the fort to catch up with the rest of the party. Hopefully he was not out to long. He would not mention what had happened to the others. Not only had his new minion totally forsaken him but now he felt a little drained and disoriented. He was devastated. Though even aspiring evil overlords have a bad day from time to time he rationalized.

Catching up with the party, Azrel approached my lord with great concern and asked him to have a seat. Azrel then went about inspecting my lord for any signs of poison indicating that he looked a little peaked. My lord, knowing he was fine but didn’t want to let on about the real nature of his over stressed magically condition, allowed Azrel to continue with his inspection. Azrel seeing my lords weakened condition became very subservient and polite referring to my lord as ‘master Edwards’ and graciously offering to carry my lords heavy pack which of course he allowed without hastitation. Azrel would indeed make a good caption of the guards my lord thought. Though getting back to business my lord informed Azrel that due to the stupidly of the Captain he was not able to obtain any of the weapons for his use stating that he thought that Azrel could put such weapons to good use. But unfortunately Azrel looked confused asking my lord why he would think that. Sed overhearing the conversation decided to join in saying that Azrel was able to identify the rot on the weapons and therefore likely had some skill with poison. Azrel responded that he was not sure what Sed was implying and that he only had some minor training in herbs. My lord growing tired of the game bluntly blurted out that he believed Azrel could likely use a poisonous weapon at which Azrel looked confused and replied, couldn’t anyone use a poison weapon?. At which point my lord pointed out that some were better at it than others. Sed continued to press the issue saying if we were to find addition poisonous weapons would Azrel be able the use the poison on his own weapon or be able to make more. Azrel just gave Sed a confused looked inquiring why would he need to use poison on his weapon? Seeing that this conversation was going nowhere my lord gave up and followed off after Iskar who was heading off to the docks. He would have to bring up the matter at another time as either Azrel was a complete retard or devious genius. My lord was unsure of just which one at that point

With that the party headed down to the docks to see about getting transport across the river. The stale smell of water and fish penetrated the fresh morning’s air as water lapped against the peer. A sea gull cawed over head as an old wrinkled man emerged from an old run down shack on the edge of the peer. The man stopped and glared at the party while rubbing his deformed left hand, likely the result of some long ago fishing accident. The old crone tipped back his hat and stretched out his good hand to the party, introducing himself as Jwar; Jwar The Crusty Seamen. It appeared that Mayor Samatha had already arranged and paid for passage across the river and Jwar had been expecting the party. Jwar seemingly in a rush to get underway, quickly escorted the party down the peer and to his awaiting fishing boat. The boat was fairly large and the single mast swayed to and fro as the party barded. While there were only five passengers the boat appeared that it could likely handle twice that amount. My lord, while slightly assured that large vessel would likely make it to the other side without incident, was not impressed. His Evil Overlord river boats would likely be twice that size and have the appropriately labeled black sails identifying it such. The party quickly found a spot on the boat and settled in. without a beat, Sed immediately started undressing, indicating that he could swim better without all the metal armor. My lord shrugged, figuring he had no intention of going into the water and hence would leave his armor right where it was; protecting his body. With that the boat pulled away from the dock and the party was finally on their way.

Being told by Jwar it would be a bit of ride to the opposite shore; my lord pulled out his sacred tome of the Evil Overlord and started perusing various passages. He stopped and put to memory the following holy passage. “When thy have captured thine adversary and he says, ‘Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?’ thy shall say, ‘No.’ and shoot him. Or conversely, shoot him, and then they shall say ‘No’”. After some time the opposite shoreline started to come into view. Jwar informed the party that he would drop them off on shore but that he was not under contract to stay explaining that bad things happen on this side of the river and that the few lads that do brave its shores don’t ever return. My lord however was not fazed in the least as he was assured that their party could handle whatever this side of the river could muster to throw at them. He was, after all, the destined Evil Overlord.

As the boat approached closer, the so called ‘hill’ appeared. It was merely a high rise above the rest of the area, likely the start of the Dragonspine Mountain Chain and was shrouded in a strange foggy haze and flanked on all sides by thick forest. In addition two clearings on the beaches that could be used as landing points also became apparent. The larger one, a little further up river, was flush with inviting green grass and low beach line making landing fairly easy there. The other one was slightly down river a bit and a few sunken ship and long boats could be seen on shore. Iskar, standing up and straining his eyes spotted a number of hobgoblins amongst the boats. These were likely part of the raiding party from the previous night. Iskar went on to inform the party that the hobs were pulling up and destroying one of the long boats. Likely to conceal their landing location my lord summarized. One of the hobs appeared to be tending a small camp fire as a few others meandered about the area with short bows.

The party then started discussing their options. While they wanted to take revenge on the hobs for raiding the fort, it becomes apparent that neither Azrel nor Iskar had any sort of range weapon or spell. In addition my lord Edward concluded that since the hobs were wielding bows, that they would likely have poison arrows as well, since they had been used against the fort the previous day. With that, and the seemly endless whining of the crusty seamen objecting to trying to land while under fire, the party decided to land at the open clearing and then hopefully sneak around and attack the hobs from hilltops overlooking the beach. This pleased Jwar and he made for the open clearing.

With the ship hitting shore, the party quickly jumped over the side into the chilly waist deep water and slowly waded to the awaiting shoreline. The area was rather pleasant with the drum of a small little waterfall in the background. Emptying the water from his boots, my lord glanced up toward the ‘Hill’ and spied a large bird like creature circling the area high in the sky. It didn’t quit appear to be a dragon, not that my lord had seen dragon before, but it definitely appeared avian. Though as quickly as it had appeared, the strange creature flew out of sight. The party would have to be careful here my lord cautioned. Jwar, pushing the boat away from the shoreline, instructed the party that when they were ready to leave, they would need to construct two fires and he would return with the boat to take them back to Fort Tesh. Sed reached into his pocket and flipped the seamen a few coins, likely as an incentive to actually return with the boat for party. Jwar caught the coins in his good hand, then bite into them hard with his two remaining teeth. He nodded, and pocketed the coins as the boat pulled away from shore leaving the party stranded, at least for the now.
With that Sed immediately pulled out a quill and parchment, and taking a look about our surroundings, started hashing out the beginnings of a map. My lord was impressed as Sed may indeed make a good second lieutenant.

Edward stopped and double checked his gear while shaking the remaining water from his boots. There appeared to be two paths leading out of this clearing. One headed up a slight incline straight ahead while another jetted off slightly to the right. Curious if the raiders had landed here, my lord stooped down and started checking the area for any kind of tracks or markings. Feeling a little light headed he quickly stood back up indicating that he was not able to find anything of importance. Iskar shook his head in disbelief, walked over to my lord and pointed down at the large number of boot and hoof tracks all over the muddy ground. “Oh. Those tracks" my lord exclaimed, as he bent back down and reexamined the ground. The party deduced the boots were humanoid, likely of hobgoblin origin or possibly of those of the Tilverton Band, but were not quite sure what to make of the hoof prints. Maybe horses the party questioned. “Could they bring horses across on boats?”Azrel pondered out loud. However, Iskar remained motionless over a particular set of prints ,spinning his dagger about his hand in a subconscious manor. He stared blankly at the strange markings. In the mud was a very large set of humanoid bare foot prints. The party debated if they might belong to the bear bugs, which had taken part in the previous day’s attack on the Fort. Though having seen those types of tracks before, Iskar was sure that these were something else, something much bigger. Taking a quick look, Sed simply nodded his head and stated “Ogre” and a slight chill ran down my lord’s spine. While my lord had never seen an ogre before he had heard stories of these terrible beasts killing small bands of armed men and eating their bones whole. While he was ready to prove himself, my lord hoped that they would not inadvertently ‘wonder’ into one of those beasts during their journeys.

With the mystery solved, the party decided to continue on stealthily to both take the hobs by surprise and to hopefully avoid any Ogres that may be in the area. In a blink of an eye Iskar simply vanished from view. My lord, a little puzzled, looked about asking what had happened to Iskar. As suddenly as he vanished Iskar reappeared right in front of my lord’s face. My lord, very impressed with Iskar skill, demanded that Iskar simply must teach him this little trick, and concluded that Iskar could indeed make a great Master of the thieves.
A marching order was then set, with both the heavy hitters Azrel and Sed in the front and the lighter ones Iskar and my lord behind them. Wanting to get back to the clearing the party decided to continue to head in a rightward direction, until coming back to the beach where they had seen the Hobgoblins. So they decided to take the path jetting to right. After a short distance the path split again, this time one path headed upward to the left, and the other one headed downward straight ahead. The party continued straight ahead and downward. After a short distance, the party then came to another branch, one path staying on the level straight ahead and the other veering slightly to the right and heading downward again. The party decided to head to the right and downward. Suddenly the path opened up into a clearing cover by many beautiful wild flowers. The party noted that some of the flowers had been tramped here by something but did not see anything in the area. On the other side of the clearing a path headed left seemingly on the same elevation and the other headed downhill. Not wanting to investigate the flowers the party decided to head across the clearing and down the downhill path. Within a short distance the party begins to smell the scent of a fire in the air and see black smoke rising a short distance away through the trees. It appeared the party had found what they were looking for. But were they too late? Were the hobgoblins still there?

The party decided to stop there while Azrel ran off alone down the trail to investigate. After a few minutes Azrel returned and quietly informed the party that he had seen some four hobgoblins and two large Bearbugs down by the shore in the beach clearing. The beasts appeared to be pulling up the long boats and destroying them for some strange reason. And even more surprisingly was the fact that Hobs appeared to be the ones in charge bossing around the huge bugbears creatures. After a quick discussion the party decided they would try to ambush the beasts as they come back up the path as opposed to trying to just rush them on the beach. While there was another path down the far end of the beach, the party decided that the hobs would likely head back up this particular path. With that, my lord found a nice little spot just off the path in the brush and waited. Azrel then headed back down the path indicating to the party that he would keep an eye on the enemy and would signal the party when the beasts were approaching. My lord’s heart began to race with anticipation, this was yet another battle to prove his worth. Though after some time the excitement eventually turned to shear boredom. What where those beasts doing my lord wondered as he pulled his rusty dagger from his belt and begun picking at the bark of the tree he was resting against.

Finally Azrel returned indicating that the enemy was approaching. Izkar, stopped and listened, and informed the party that one of the hobs had said ‘hey, you hurry up’ to someone or something else down the beach. Evidently Izkar spoke Hobish which could come in handy if the party happened to take some of these beasts prisoner.
Azrel gave the signal and everyone scurried to their feet and readied their weapon. Sed strangely walked out into the middle of the path, and swirling the air around him with his hands, vanished from sight. Unlike Iskar trick earlier, this appeared to be more magical in nature. My lord was impressed and would be sure to press Sed into teaching him that incantation later.

Suddenly a Hobgoblin appeared in view, it was an ugly beast with greenish skin and tusks producing from its lower lip. It wore some old torn leather armor made of ragged leather strips and iron studs. My lord had never seen one up this close and it was a little unnerving. Suddenly the beast stopped right in it tracks and let out a loud squeal. It instinctly grabbed for its gut where blood started squirting out in all directions as a bloody sword appeared to float suspended in air. Take that, the incorporeal Sed shouted to his victim. Without hesitation Azrel charged savagely into the second Hobgoblin in line, impaling the hobgoblin repeating with his long spear, making the shocked creature stumble backward momentarily. Gaining its senses and realizing it was under attack, the front Hobgoblin pulled its sword and swung wildly at Azer missing badly as blood continue to pour from its grievous wound. The second hob, bleeding badly from the multiple spear strikes, stumbled backward back down the path toward the beach from where it had come. With great effort it raised its bow and let loose an arrow. It whizzed by Azrel’s head and impaled itself in the tree next to my lord. My lord, seeing it was now on like Donkey Kong, quickly raised to his feet and got ready to conjure a spell. However as soon as he did, my lord lost focus and his head began to spin. More arrows came in, and Azrel reeled backward taking an arrow in the shoulder and another glancing of his left forearm. My lord dug deep, seeing the party was in trouble, and was temporary able to fight back his disorientation. He charged up his finger tips and let loose a small charge of arc lighting into the fray, frying a few of the hobgoblin archers and one of the larger beasts in the back. Unfortunately the beasts were not as badly wounded as they were at the fort and while badly burnt the enemy continued to battle on.

Suddenly a large hairy creature appeared. It had large bulbous eyes, large bear teeth and strange insect looking arms with razor sharp claws. A Bearbug. The ugly creature towered high above the hobgoblins. It beat its huge furry chest and then charged headlong into Azel with a huge two handed axe, just missing him as he quickly dodged to the side. Almost simultaneously a second large axe wielded by a second Bearbug, came crashing down next to Azrel which just scraped his leather armor as took a step back avoiding the blow. Iskar seeing an opening leaped from the foliaged and impaled the front hobgoblin with first his thin sword, and then drove his dagger home into the creature’s chest. Yanking both blades back out Iskar then quickly disappeared back into the brush from where he had come. The hobgoblin stood stunned, blood pouring out of multiple wounds. The sword fell from it hand, and then it collapsed to the ground; the first kill.

My lord began to panic as he heard the sound of an incantation being chanted but was unable to locate its source. Frantically looking about, my lord calmed as he recognized the voice of that of Sed. Suddenly one the Bearbugs hovering over Azrel, froze in place. The sense of fear and horror seemed to overtake the large beast. Either it was some sort of spell from Sed or the party had just killed the enemy’s leader. My lord was not sure which but as it turned out he did not care as one of the monsters seemed to be out of action, at least for the moment. Azrel, seeing there was still a large active creature towering above him, charged his spear into the towing hulks chest. Though what would have normally screwed a bore only barely penetrated the huge monster thick fur hide. The creature looked down at the small puncture and roared.

Realizing that he needed to drop these creatures quickly, my lord once started to summon energy from the surrounding. But as soon as he did the blood drained from his head and he began to see spots. He steadied himself and regained his composer. He drew a deep breath, determined that his journey would not end up like this on this stupid shore. He let loose with another jolt of energy and lit up the whole area with a thunderous clap of surging electricity. It surged down the path leaping from creature to creature hitting every enemy that stood before them, zapping their fur and armor and frying their brains. The wounded hobgoblin dropped its bow, and grabbed its skull in anguish in an attempt to keep it from exploding. It then dropped to its knees and slumped over in the sand dead, blood running from it eyes and ears. The Bearbug, its fur still smoking, raised his axe and was about to bring it down hard upon Azrel, when Sed appeared and diverted the massive blow away with his shield. Seeing this athird, larger Bearbug in the back shoved the dazed one aside and took a quick off balance swipe at Sed who easily deflected the blow with his sword. Iskar again leaped from the foliage and assaulted the nearest Bearbug with a savage flurry of blows. The large beast having been charred, sliced and repeatedly impaled, finally succumbed to all its wounds and fell over with a low grown and loud thud. Unfortunately as soon as the huge beast in the front fell, a series of arrow ripped into the party from the hobgoblin archers in the back; one catching Iskar in the leg. With only two Bearbugs and two hobgoblins remaining, Sed quickly regained his stance and counter attacked. His sword hit true, taking a huge chunk out of the large beast left thigh making it roar and waver at bit from the pain. Azrel seeing the beast in direst lunged at it and drove his spear deep into the creatures side. The Bearbug hovelled in pain but refusing to fall simply looked down into Azrel eyes and spited blood into his face in sheer deviance. The remaining two hobgoblins, seeing their comrades falling and reeling in pain from the burnt marks all over their own body, flung their bows aside and started to flee down the beach in panic. They were likely running to either get reinforcements or to inform their clan that intrudes had arrived. Growing tired of these beasts, my lord decided to pull out his signature spell. Electrification. However, the battle was draining him fast and once again he started to feel a bit light head. Shaking it off, he cupped his hands and raised them up in the air while chanting and peering deep into the soul of the nearest Bearbug. This creature, along with the other Bearbug next to it, began to be enveloped in swirl of magically electrical energy. The creatures howled and flailed about as their fur and bodies fried and zapped in the electrical tempest with one finally succumbing to relentless jolts of energy and collapsed face first into the sand. Still twitching uncontrollably. The last lone Bearbug, sensing it was doomed, raised its battle axe high and let out an earth shattering roar. Suddenly blood starting purring out of the every one of the creatures wounds and it’s eyes turned blood red. It then brought up its massive axe down upon Sed driving it home with all of its strength and weight. Sed braced his shield in anticipation. The massive blow connected hard and drove Sed to his knees, denting the shield and nearly breaking Seds arm in the process. Once again as if on cue, Iskar leaped from the brush and unleashed another flurry of blows into the remaining beast. The creature staggered back a few steps, and then dropped over backwards to the ground. Iskar pulled his thin sword from the beast gut, held up three fingers and simply stated, ‘and that’s three for me’. Jumping to his feet, and dropping his shield from his bruised armed, Sed charged after the fleeing hobgoblins with Azrel on right his heels. One of the hobgoblins, veered off and headed toward the water hoping its pursuers would follow his friend. Though being wounded and slow Sed was able to easily catch up with the hobgoblin and drove his sword through the fleeing creatures back. The other one, seeing his party decimated, picked up the pace and tore off down a path along the beach with Azrel, bloody spear in hand, right on his heels. With the enemys dead, My lord feeling a bit drained, sat down on the beach to catch his breath. He was assured that Azrel would catch his wounded prey. After some time Azrel eventually returned, looking very disappointed. He informed the party that the tricky hobgoblin had given him the slip and had gotten away. My lord, while a little disappointed in having lost his prison and potential source of valuable information, was glad to see that Azrel had not gotten shot in the head, with an arrow, and died. No one should go out that way. Having lost the hob in the forest, the party returned to the beach and started rolling over the dead bodies looking for loot as well as searching the remains of the ships and shoreline for any usable weapons or items. After some time the party managed to assemble a small assortment of weapons; two short bows, three large battle axes and three short swords. A quick search of the bodies turned up twenty one gold pieces which was then divided up amongst the party. Azrel and Iskar both grabbed one of the short bows and a few arrows so that everyone had some form of ranged attacks now. My lord, fascinated with one of the short swords, picked it up started to examine it. It appeared to be of very good quality, very light and portable and would work much better than the rusty dagger he had been carrying around in his belt. Not that my lord actually knew how to use a blade in melee, but it might come in handy when intimidating his enemies. A long shiny sword at your enemies’ throat looked a whole lot better than a rusty dagger, particularly if you’re trying prove yourself a respectable Evil Overlord candidate. Having finished picking out weapons, the party decided to hide the oars of longboat in the brush in case Hobs returned and actually tried to use boats again. The party also hid the various battle axes and short swords assuming the master work quality would fetch a good price at the market when they returned.

With their first battle test over, the party proved to be a fairly effective fighting team. With the enemy raiding party killed as planned the party paused to address what their next plan of action would be while attending some minor wounds. The few arrow punches were attended to, and Sed arm was wrapped in a bandage. For the most part the party came out of their first major battle with only a few minor cuts and bruises and my lord was lucky enough to avoid any contact at all. After a rather short discussion the party eventually concluded that they were going to just wait here on the beach for the Tilverton group to arrive with the mushrooms. They would then kill the opposing goody group, take the mushrooms, and then return victorious to Fort Tesh. However after some more thought on the subject the likelihood of the Tilverton group actually succeeding in getting the mushrooms was slim. So not wanting to wait an eternity on the beach, the party decided to head off and find the mushrooms for themselves. Figuring that caves would likely be found higher up off the beach and closer to ‘the hill’ the party picked up and headed back inland.

Returning to the clearing which contained the flowers the party decided to take a look about and found numerous tracks of what appeared to be a very large group of humanoids heading to the west. Feeling that the party’s mission was not to kill hobgoblins but to save their leader by finding the mushrooms, the party decided to avoid the large band of hobs if possible. With that the headed up the northern route. After coming to a T which heading left and straight they continued straight and came out in large wide clearing. Iskar, held up his arm to halt the party indicating that he heard some sort of buzz buzz sound but was not sure what to make of it. My lord stopped and listened intently but still heard nothing. Being cautious the party decided to move slowly along edge of clearing to get to path on the opposite side and to avoid whatever might be causing the strange sound. Though before they could take a few steps forward a large insect scurried out of a hole in the ground and took to flight. After rising a few feet up, it began to dive bomber on the party’s current position. Still feeling a little dizzy and refusing to be brought down by a stupid bug, my lord dug deep and shook off the feelings of disorientation for good. The color immediately returned to his face and he was feeling himself again. He stretched his arm down toward the earth and began to siphon charges of energy which started to collect as large pulsating ball of electricity in his palm. A twisted smile formed on my lord’s face as the power began to surge through his finger tips. The stupid bug had no idea who he was about to mess with.

He was, after all, the destined Evil Overlord!!



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