Adventure 1

Short Notes

Naturally, we started our ‘evil’ campaign as all groups do – on rails.

After quickly integrating ourselves with the town of Ministal, the party proceeded to escort Mac-Del, the Ministal diplomat, to the town of Ft. Tesh to start trade negotiations. Obviously, our rivals from Tiverton got there ahead of us, trying to usurp our trade agreements and starve our poor Ministalian citizens to death with their hidden blockade agreements.

After a boring evening of social engagements, we wandered around town tracking down rumors until a random group of hobgoblins and bearbugs attacked us. (Bearbugs are like bugbears, except they seem weaker).

We martialed our forces to meet the raiding party on the northern wall, while those silly Tivertons martialed their forces on the southern wall.

We didn’t really need to martial our forces though, because young Master Edward Runedrom simply called forth Apocalyptic Thunderbolts and killed over half the raiding party before I could even act. (Note to the GM – I expect enemies with more hit points next session.)

Predictably the enemies ran away. Oddly enough, our leader, Mac-Del, was shot with enemy arrows as the hobgoblin raiding party was running away. Sad, I know. His wound is festering with some kind of poison.

But, the healer to the rescue! My healing ritual was good enough to stabilize him for the time being. After talking with Samantha, we found several other troops that were shot with the same arrows, and the poison is now taking hold. But, our resident poison-maker, I mean herbalist, knew that the surrounding wilderness contains the herbs that we need to counteract the poison.

It is morning the day after the attack, and our party is preparing to venture forth, find the cure, and seal the trade agreements with Ft. Tesh. Unfortunately, our Tiverton rivals are already ahead of us, eager to beat us to the healing herbs, take the credit all for themselves, and ensure the starvation of our people.



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